15 August 2009

One Less Set of Footsteps

Tonight, the club notched its most significant-feeling win since Bob Melvin's halcyon days, and it was good to see. Well, it would've been good to see had I not coached youth basketball all night. Just when the Dbacks finally decide to play spirited ball against LA, my power forward requires "encouragement" and the 2 guard needs "my time". Damn kids.

I say significant "feeling" because, let's face it, we're still ten games out of the wild card, fifteen behind LA, with 45 to go. But it had to be a feel good win for the guys, coming back in the ninth with back to back knocks off Brox, not to mention an overdue treat for 42k mostly overdue fans. The fellas danced and dogpiled Parra near second, after he delivered the game-winning fly past drawn in CFer, Matt Kemp. Some might say too much dancing for a sub .500 squad, but this team and city has had so little to cheer about this summer, I say do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight. Even if it was 80's night. Close enough.

Besides fueling a disco inferno, tonight's win, in concert with Friday's 4-1 victory, gives AJ Hinch his third series win against a winning club in fourteen tries. More important, it underscores what I and my dear friend Jim McLennan at AZ Snakepit have said all along - that the Dodgers arent really fifteen or twenty games better than we are, in any long term, underlying sense.

Indeed, no fewer than five NL contenders have snuck to within seven games of LA, and if either COL or SF overtake Torre's staggering toros, dont be shocked if LA gets edged out of the playoffs entirely. Not the most likely scenario, but with Kuroda exiting on a stretcher, concussed by a batted bullet, and the vaunted bullpen showing August fatigue, the overrated Dodgers are definitely hearing footsteps. It's just a shame they're not ours.

Song of the Day - One Less Set of Footsteps (Jim Croce)


Gary said...

They SHOULD be our footsteps. Outside seeing us beat the cubbies earlier in the season, this was one of the most satisfying wins in a long while....

Diamondhacks said...

Agreed. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to beat a good, big market team :-)

Who's primarily culpable for our now awkwardly "silent" footsteps? BoMel? AJ? Luck? JB? My own feeling is AJ may be a good long-term decision, but his hire was a short term disruption at best, disaster at worst, and that derailed the season as much if not more than any competing factor (ie Webb, Melvin, CoJack).

thx for the visit

Russell said...

Ha! I was at the 4-1 win over the Dodgers (and would have been at the game on Sunday if the start hadn't been moved to a later time!!). More excitingly I was also at the Mets game you mention where I had the thrill of seeing a truly great D-Backs line up.In fact I was told that if I'd have got to the game 10 minutes earlier I would have been starting in left field.
On a seperate note it seemed that the parking lots around the stadium were cheaper than previous visits. Is this because the D-Backs suck (as no less than 3 barmen told me) or has the light rail had an impact? I demand an answer!!

Diamondhacks said...

Wow. Didnt realize you were such a Chase fixture, Russell. Light rail's had an impact , and you might consider it, if you chat up 3 barkeeps in a typical evening.

Hop aboard at our new northern terminus (University @ the UBC loop) & it'll drop you on Derrick's doorstep in no time.