18 August 2009

Great Expectations?

April's great expectations were blotted by both a heep of infirmity and annoyingly artful Dodgers. While it has been posited Mr Melvin and Mr Hinch inform the tale of two sissies, our really hard times came after Hinch and hinchmen set up their most curious shop. By midsummer, The Lovely Morgan played more like Bleak House, whether the outfield's little dorrits were open or closed. You already know, dear reader, our community team is run by a scrooge...and the catcher's no phony, so I dont need to get into all that David Copperfield kind of crap.

And now, in this season of Darkness, these front office pickpockets, haunted by the ghost of Gonzo present, aim to resurrect the ghost of Gonzo past ?

Sheesh. What the dickens is going on?


Russell said...

What a novel post! The D-Backs record at The Lovely Morgan seems to indicate that they don't consider themselves at home, but some of the fielding implies that they do consider themselves part of the furniture.

Diamondhacks said...

Your irrational rambling that "the tone and content of some of my comments can offend" reflects your irreconcilable contempt for me and my opinions.

Therefore, I'd be grateful if you'd restrict future remarks on this forum to birds smaller than a pigeon. Please do me that courtesy

Russell said...

Why does it always have to be about you! A typical ad hominem attack. I shall say nothing just let you condemn yourself with your own words. I repeat I shall say nothing.

Diamondhacks said...

You were respectfully requested to confine your comments to birds of a small nature, and have chosen to undermine my authority and this forum's latent standards.

At this point, I have no choice but to ban you - in fact, I'm not even involved - but want to add that you're not worthy of respect.

Thank you for your time.

Russell said...

I continue to say nothing and have no interest in your opinions....however I would refer you to a post you wrote in July 2007 in which you clearly stated that birds of a small nature were of no interest to you.Once again you have shown that you have no interest in civilized debate but merely wish to stir up trouble. Need I also mention that your suggestion that the Diamondbacks only employ wife beaters is also beyond the pale. I therefore (with great reluctance)will be applying the ban hammer to you. Cheers.

bastardo said...

I'm afraid banning Diamondhacks from my own site is typical of your gamesmanship and has limited effect, as I have seamlessly obtained an alternate I.D.

Please refrain from banning me again from my website. I dont go to your website and ban you. Please extend to me that same courtesy.

While we're at it, let's introduce folks to your website, the one which had to be CLOSED, shall we? Would you fancy that, so that people can see what you were up to?

Mmm'kay. Didnt think so.

Russell said...

As you are well aware my website was closed voluntarily. I maintain that there was no basis to any of the allegations and no arrest was ever made. I have e-mailed you privately about this matter but since you choose to ignore this then I have no choice but to resort to a public forum.
Once again you have hijacked a thread for your own nefarious ends. I trust that people will read what you have written and they will be able to conclude, correctly, that you are a intolerant hypocrite of staggering proportions.

Diamondhacks said...

...my website was closed voluntarily.

O RLY? You must get up very early to distort actual circumstances to your liking.

...you are a intolerant hypocrite of staggering proportions.

Pot, meet kettle. You authored a "baseball" blog with the sole purpose of promoting Canadian comics, and now choose to export that second-tier brand of vitriolic hypocrisy here.

Of all the posters I've banned, I've never banned anyone - until now. Seems like a very respectable record compared to other sites. Your absence here represents no loss whatever.

Perhaps when you've considered what you've done, and rethink your approach to this forum, a probationary account may be activated at a later date of my choosing.